British and American Literature

British and American Literature

Built around a two-part survey sequence – E211 & E212 British Literature I & II and E251& E252 American Literature I & II – our British and American Literature courses allow students to study the development of these literary and cultural traditions, while at the same time focus on particular periods and literary movements. Courses include: E208 Canterbury Tales; E231 19th Century British Women’s Novelists; E719 Seminar: Shakespeare/History/Play; E291 Secret Selves: The Fiction of Jewett, Cather, and Wharton; E272 Italy and the American Literary Imagination.


E208    Canterbury Tales
E211 & E212    British Literature I & II
E216    Elizabethan Poetry
LAS-C221    Blake and Hogarth
E231    19th Century British Women’s Novelists
E232    Jane Austen’s Worlds
E343    Shakespeare
E719    Seminar: Shakespeare/History/Play
E720    Seminar: 17th Century English Poetry
E721    Seminar: Chaucer and Spenser
E745    Seminar: Arthurian Romance


E242    Bob Dylan: “But it ain’t me babe”
E243    The Language of Jazz
E251 & E252    American Literature I & II
E253    Introduction to African American Literature
E254    Native American Literature
E256    American Literary Masterpieces
E257    American Noir: Fiction and Film
E266    Love and Death: Hawthorne to Hemingway
E272    Italy and the American Literary Imagination
E274    Postwar American Literature: Narrating Counterculture
E275    Literary Visionaries: D.H. Lawrence and Flannery O’Connor
E281    Chester Himes: From Protest to Blaxploitation
E283    The Rise of Realism: U.S. Literature and Culture 1865-1914
E284    Fashion Forward: Race and the Politics of Style
E285    Ethnicity and Literature in America
E286    African American Realism
E287    Divas 101: The African American Tradition
E288    African American Drama
E291    Secret Selves: The Fiction of Jewett, Cather, and Wharton
E294    “Can’t Be Satisfied”: The Blues and American Literature
E295    Appalachian Literature and Culture
E300    Contemporary Narratives: American
E748    Seminar: Captivity and Race in America
E749    Seminar: Savage Iconographies: Art, Race and Public Space from Roger Williams to Barack Obama.
E750    Seminar: Contemporary Asian American Literature