World Literatures/Comparative Literatures/Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures

World Literatures/Comparative Literatures/Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures

These courses allow students to examine common literary/cultural movements and thematic and stylistic links across national cultures and ethnicities (staple courses include E310 Narratives From Around the World, E207 Medieval Literatures, E338 Magical Realism and the South, and E255 The Jewish Narrative,) as well as to study in depth the specificities of particular national and ethnic literary and film cultures (for example, E373 Italian Literature and Film and E398 Chinese Cinema).

E201    The Bible as Narrative Art
E202    The Literatures of Ancient Greece and Rome
E203    The Comedy of Dante Alighieri
E204    Dante and Boccacio
E207    Medieval Literatures
E209    Epic
E217    Losing Paradise, Inventing the World
E255    The Jewish Narrative
E267    Travel Writing: Routes, Roots, and Rootlessness
E310    Narratives From Around the World
E311    After Babel: Literature in the time of Globalization
E315    European Literature
E356    Political Theater and Performance
E357    Theatre, Performance, Politics
E360    Brecht and Fo
E361    Dario Fo: The Hand That Starves You
E365    Visualizing Human Rights
E373    Italian Literature and Film
E398    Chinese Cinema
E701    Seminar: Family Narratives
E760    Seminar: Global Cities in Translation
E761    Seminar: Global English Literatures
E762    Seminar: “Bollywood and Beyond”: Introduction to Indian Popular Cinema
E770    Seminar: Anaïs Nin

Postcolonial Literatures

E301 & E302    Postcolonial Literature I & II
E312    Irish Literature
E313    Irish Nonsense
E330    The Literatures of Africa
E333    Literatures of the Indian Subcontinent
E334    Narrative Flows: Waters of Faith, Identity, Sustenance
E335    Writing Contemporary South Asia
E338    Magical Realism and the South
E341    Australian Poetry and Prose

E399    Postcolonial film

E782    Seminar: Joyce, Synge, Yeats and their antecedents
E784    Seminar: Suffera No More – Caribbean Politics and Literature.
E786    Seminar: “Eating the way back home”: Food, Literature, and Identity
E790    Seminar: Three African Writers
E791    Seminar: Colony/Ecology
E798    Seminar: ‘To Plough Van Diemen’s Land’: Convicts in Australian Literature