Mark Binder


“Readers and listeners often ask if my stories are true. I typically joke back, ‘All my stories are true and some of them really happened.’ This is what I call the Politician’s Answer. It’s neither a lie nor the truth, but passes the time long enough for the focus to shift to a better topic.”
— by Mark Binder from “It Ate My Sister”

Mark Binder is the author of numerous award-winning books and CDs. As a writer, his work generally falls into three categories: original and traditional folk-style tales, the “Chelm” series of books and stories, and autobiographical whoppers and lies.

Mark’s latest book is Stories for Peace — resolving conflict / handling bullies, a collection for change. It includes stories and essays designed to ask questions and provoke answers.

In 2010, he released two new live spoken-word audio albums: A Holiday Present and It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (spooky comedy). His novel, The Brothers Schlemiel was recently published in a beautifully illustrated hardcover edition. It Ate My Sister is a favorite book for youngsters ages 10 and up (and adults with a sense of humor). His collection, The Bed Time Story Book was written for caregivers to share with their children, and has sold more than 60,000 copies in a dozen editions.

“I write and tell stories for a living. No matter which genre I am working in, whether you are reading or listening, I hope that the stories cross boundaries and are universal in their appeal to people of all ages and cultures.”
—Mark Binder

Mark claims to have a degree in Mythology from Columbia University, where he studied storytelling with Spalding Gray. He is a graduate of the Trinity Rep Conservatory, earned a Masters degree in English and Theater, and has taught “Telling Lies” to college and high school students. For more than a decade, he has toured the United States sharing his books and spoken-word stories with audiences of all ages, flavors and varieties. He regularly performs in schools, community centers, religious venues, theaters and festivals.