2016 LAS Concentration Show

On April 29 LAS concentrators participated in the first Liberal Arts Division-wide Concentration Show.  They joined HAVC, HPSS, and NCSS concentrators to present, display, read from, and perform a truly wonderful range of work in an inviting salon environment.  From a research project that examined the way that iconography of hysteria at the end of the nineteenth century is currently being used in fashion photography, to projects that examined the sustainability of different materials, all the work served as a testament to the creativity, depth of research, and rigor of thought fostered by our Liberal Arts classes.

LAS Concentrators’ contributions to the show included Frannie Logan’s (Textiles 2016) paintings, accompanied by an artist’s statement, which graced the Tap Room walls; wonderful readings of poetry (Ahjin Lim, Painting 2017) and short stories (Zoe Mathewson, FAV 2016); Zoe Ene’s (ID, 2017) beautifully displayed poetry; and a stunning performance by Charlie Ehrenfried (Sculpture, 2018), whose work plays with religious iconography to explore the power of ritual.

For images of Zoe Ene’s and Charlie Ehrenfried’s work from the show, please click here.

On June 3 the Department of Literary Arts and Studies celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2016 Literary Arts and Studies Concentrators at its annual luncheon. There were 12 graduating concentrators from six different majors. The graduating concentrators were: Cassidy Batiz (PHOTO LAS ‘16), Annika Berry (FAV LAS ‘16), Gates Callahan (FAV LAS’16), Ian Faria (FAV LAS ‘16), Jae Hee Han (PAINT LAS ‘16), Frances Logan (TEXT LAS ‘16), Zoe Lohman (SCULP LAS ‘16), Marisha Lozada (PAINT LAS ‘16), Jessica Lu (TEXT LAS ’16), Zoe Mathewson (FAV LAS ‘16), Joseph (Rob) Polidoro (PAINT LAS ‘16), Camille Shea  (ILLUS LAS ‘16)

This year, some of our graduating concentrators submitted a reflection statement about their concentration experience. Please click here to view their reflections.