2017 LAS Concentration Show

The Liberal Arts Concentration salon, held annually each spring, brings together students from all four of our Departments (HAVC, HPPS, LAS, NCSS) and is a wonderful platform for sharing the exciting range of projects and interests growing out of our Concentrations.

This year, four LAS concentrators contributed to the salon.

Catherine Cawley screened her short film, 1840, exploring the performance of gender roles in sorority recruitment videos.  This work grows out of her interest in feminist theory and performance studies.

Rachel Hahn read a short story she worked on in “Liary,” a course that explores the fictionality of life itself by investing in the materiality of words and the functionality of fiction.

Natasha Sharpe shared an illustration and read a short story about her grandmother.  She then wrote a piece about the show for the risd blog.

Wen Zhuang  talked about the impact of her LAS classes on her work in visual art, especially the importance of the themes of home, homecoming and intimacy.  She also announced the inauguration of the student-run newspaper The Broadsheet.

On June 2 the Department of Literary Arts and Studies celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2017 Literary Arts and Studies Concentrators at its annual luncheon. There were 16 graduating concentrators from six different majors. The graduating concentrators were: Catherine Cawley (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Zoya Currimbhoy (PAINT LAS ‘17), Zoe Ene (ID LAS ‘17), Rachel Hahn (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Kristin Hutton (PRINT LAS ‘17), Savannah Kennelly (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Yi Bin Liang (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Ahjin Lim (ID LAS ‘17), Rena Rong (FURN LAS ’17), Natasha Sharpe (FAV LAS ‘17), Annalisa Sheldahl (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Heather Staradumsky (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Ajani Takahashi-Lofton (ILLUS LAS ‘17), Elaine Tsai (PAINT LAS ‘17), Julia Tyler (ILLUS LAS ‘17) and Michelle Zhuang (ILLUS LAS ‘17)

This year, some of our graduating concentrators submitted a reflection statement about their concentration experience. Please click here to view their reflections.