Current Concentrators

Molly Jackson is an Illustration Major, whose Literary Arts and Studies Concentration focuses on issues of race and culture.

Molly jacksonI’m an Illustration major concentrating in Literary Arts and Studies. My concentration is largely focused around literature and writing revolving around differing cultures, race, and social constructs. Working more intensively on the Literary Arts and Studies aspect of my liberal arts education at RISD has allowed me to both focus independently on issues that I’ve grown increasingly interested in and also incorporate these interests into my studio work in a meaningful way. As an illustrator, I desire to create work that has an effect on a personal level and I’ve found that developing ideas or concepts that are sparked by the discussions in my classes makes my work much more well-rounded and better considered. Furthermore, I get the chance to read and discuss work that I would have never been exposed to otherwise, and the overall experience has definitely opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about not only my work, but the world in general.

Courtney Lam is a Textiles Major, whose Literary Arts and Studies Concentration focuses on journalism:

When asked at three years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer “a publisher”. I didn’t really know what such a career entailed, but I knew that I enjoyed writing and art and making things for people to read. Now, editing the All-Nighter, RISD’s online student newspaper, I get to publish wonderfully diverse stories from our school’s community.

l’m a senior in Textiles, primarily focusing on designing apparel fabrics. I also have a strong interest in food and cooking, as well as pop culture studies (specifically film and television analysis). Working on the All-Nighter introduced me to journalism, and it has been a fun process learning about the field and working on such a collaborative project. I see writing as the means by which I can gather and document all these interests.

Courtney wrote this wonderful piece on Junot Diaz’s recent visit to our campus: